Autotek ProCare - Monthly Vehicle Check-up & Maintenance Subscription Plan Package

Regular vehicle servicing and the occasional repairs are inevitable expenses that need to be factored into the total cost of vehicle ownership. Autotek ProCare is a Monthly Vehicle Check-up and Maintenance Subscription – a is a simple and effective way to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape to protect you from unexpected breakdown and expensive repair cost.

How often should I service my Car??

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More about Autotek ProCare

At Autotek Pro we have created a subscription based plans for a monthly car care and checkups. We understand how important your car is to you and to getting around, so our monthly car maintenance is a way for you to keep your cars checked & serviced on a regularly basis in order to avoid and catch any problem that might result a catastrophic breakdown and/or a huge repair cost later on.

For a regular monthly fee we will schedule you in every month for a vehicle checkup that includes:
  1. Check & top-up of all fluids
  2. General engine inspection
  3. Check brakes
  4. Check tyre pressure
  5. Check air filter
  6. Complete computer diagnoses
  7. Check freeze frame information
  8. Basic wash & vacuum
and we will give you a print-out copy of complete service reports the will include any potential issues found, fix any issues at a discounted rate and we work out a service schedule for you and schedule you in for you next car service which will be done at no cost to you for being an Autotek ProCare member.
Autotek ProCare keeps your car running effectively and safety!
Performing preventative maintenance on your vehicle goes a long way in protecting your vehicle. Routine maintenance for your vehicle is also an investment by keeping your vehicle in optimal operating condition and by preventing issues from arising in the first place. Additionally, staying on top of your vehicle repair and service schedule maintains a reliable vehicle, allowing you to safely transport your family and travel to and from work – both of which are always a good investment. If you like the idea of sound investment of proper maintenance for your vehicle register you interest below today.

Additional Benefits

Other benefits and advantages for those that have a monthly vehicle check-up and maintenance subscription plan package are:
  • Free Car Servicing: Free interval vehicle servicing (oil change, oil filter replacement, spark plug replacment) and discount on minor repair needed within the monthly checkup.
  • Loyalty Points/Cryptocoin they will also earn loyalty points every months in form of crypto coins; earn effort points and exchange for a free Autotek Pro service or exchange for goods at participating retail outlets. Autotek Pro providing the public a way to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by application
Interested in Autotek ProCare and its benefits? Register your interest Here or call for more details!

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