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Are buying a used car/Tokunbo? And are worried there might be some hidden faults with the engine? Or not sure what engine damaging flood, hurricane or accident the vehicle may have been in across the ocean from whence it came? Then you need our UCPC service! used car check lagos
Autotek Pro's used car purchase check is a service that provides you with data & information about the car you are viewing to help you (the buyer) make a better and informed decision on your purchase and also puts your in a best situation to negotiate on the price.
We will perform an ECU scan on the engine of the vehicle to uncover any engine faults, diagnostics trouble code or PCodes/engine warning light the seller might have turned off. We will also email you the report of the check scan.

We are equpied with the best and state-of-the-art auto tools and systems to be able to provide you with data and information would would need on the engine status of the car you about to buy. Information is Power! To Quote Edwin Louis Cole:

Knowledge is the acquisition of Information,
Understanding is the interpretation of Information,
Wisdom is the application of Information. Edwin Louis Cole. /adaptation

You work too hard for your money, Don't get duped out of it; Get Informed. Don't make your used car purchase without calling Autotek Pro.

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