uber auto mechanic

Auto Technician Near Me.

Find a experienced auto electrician (rewire), auto mechanic near you. We have create a network of auto technician to provide car owners a fast way to find auto repairers and also to auto technician with a side hustle and an easier ways to find more jobs.

Insurance companies and other companies looking for professional auto inpestion, repair and/or towing service provider

diagnostics code

Autotek Pro I - Auto Diagnostics Data.

Autotek Pro I is our auto diagnostics service that takes the guess work out repairing your vehicle. we subscribe to a professional auto repair information system as well as the most thorough database in the industry of proven experience-based repairs from the best technical experts in the auto industry.
fleet management

Fleet Maintenance.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regen is plight the plagues 2007 model tanker/trailers fleets owner. These heavy duty diesel engines (Mack, Volvo included) are fitted Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to control dangerous emission to environment.

Specialised Auto Parts & Accessories.

Our service will go over and beyond the call of duty to get the genuine (tech/sensor) parts and accessories you need for your car, superbikes & bicycles from the manufacturers. Get intouch today with your needs/request; including request for PPE & Work Uniforms.
buying a used car?

Used Car Purchase Check.

Are buying a used car? And are worried there might be some hidden faults with the engine? Then you need our UCPC service! Autotek Pro's Used Car Purchase Check is a service that will help you (the buyer) make a better and informed decision ...

Vehicle Maintenance Service Subscription.

A maintenance service plan package – a is a simple and effective way to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape to protect you from unexpected breakdown and expensive repair cost. For a years subscription fee we will ...