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My mum owns a ford explorer 2004, the jeep is in a clean state I mean the jeep has no fault and I do know the history of the jeep. The jeep was in my possession park for days, wand I use it occasionally to avoid the battery getting flat or rodents building nests or eating wires in the jeep which is the norm for all jeep or cars park for so long without been used. So, the jeep was taken for a drive on a Sunday to avoid any hitches, this is not a bad idea to get things ready for the next day rush hour in Lagos as I planned to use it for my Monday runs. I have not gotten up to 6 kilometres from where I lived which is close to 3rd Mainland Bridge when the jeep just suddenly lost power in motion, not what you all would be thinking that the jeep was out of fuel; nope! not the case here because I had half a tank of fuel in the jeep. neither was it that the engine had seize because of no oil … I have a huge support of maintained so my cars a while maintenance or go for servicing and tuneups as regularly as possible

Anyway, I tried to start the jeep, but it would not crank or start and all the lights on the dashboard came on like a lite Christmas tree! With the full light as bright as it can be after doing the preliminary trouble shooting (check the power, oil, radiator) on the spot, the jeep would not start so I had to tow the jeep home.
Days went by as I kept thinking what could have happened to the jeep to suddenly loose power in motion without any indication. I called my mechanic to detect the fault and I went from one call to another; the referred/transferred calls just kept going on and on from mechanics to rewires and finally to some guy who brought an OBD II scanner to scan the jeep with no avail to detective the problem. The minute he tried his scanner and there was no response I suspected something that gives power in the car was dead. Out cold, offline, kaput … however you want to put it! The scanner guy called another person who eventually possibly out of experience suggested it may be that the brain box )that is the Power-train control module PCM) of the jeep is dead.

Anyway, to cut the long story shout and a couple of days getting the fairly used brain box for the jeep, the Jeep fire up and it has been working excellent ever since then.
So what I am trying to share here: there are loads OBD II scan guys running around with OBD-II code readers and haven got a clue what they are doing or difference between a OBD-II code readers and OBD-II scan tool.
With my knowledge in software computer, computer diagnostic I could tell the “scanner” guy did not have the knack for diagnostics neither was he auto technician because once his scanner can’t pick up a reading he should have known that the Power-train control module (PCM) is faulty .

With the complexity of today's vehicle computerized parts (microprocessors & controller etc), it often takes a highly skilled technician with advanced level computer skills, tools & data to get to the root cause of the problem.
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  1. @mighty1711

    Thanks so much first and foremost. I think this is exactly what happened to my Cherokee Laredo jeep. The brain box got bad. I left it in the compound for a while until after six months. Fixed the brain box with a lot of troubles and before it started moving around the engine suddenly got hooked with a cranking noise from the engine. It was later we got to discover that their is no oil in the engine. Sir, can the engine still be repaired or does it mean we have to buy a new engine?

    • Olu S. A

      This may not be what you would like to hear, but based on your description of the issue the engine has sieze, sadly this is not a repairable situation. And even if it can be repaired it is not advisable for many reasons including time & effort, expense, messing up other thing in the engine & continuous issues down the line. You would need to replace the engine. Hope this helps. thx

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