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Vehicle repairs in Lagos or in Nigeria should not be an insurmountable task or experience, finding the right repair and/or a knowledgeable repair service provider shouldn’t be an added stress on top of the out of pocket expenses, and ease comes from having/finding the information and provider you need when you need it

THEREFORE WE ARE ON A MISSION: to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive auto diagnostics & repair information service for today’s modern cars and customers in order to lower the all too common stress car owners face in Lagos when it comes to car repair and diagnostic information.
The most important aspect of our business is trust. It is the goal to have 100% customer satisfaction in regard to, trouble shooting, diagnostics, auto services & repair and quality of work.

With the complexity of today's vehicle, cars are evolving to being computerized by microprocessors, controller etc., and it often takes a highly skilled technician with advanced level computer skills, tools & data set to get to the root cause of the problem. At Autotek Pro we take the guess work out repairing your vehicle, we are auto technicians in field of technology, proficient in the relevant auto computer skills and techniques, with practical understanding of theoretical Auto principles.
We thoroughly test and accurately determine the real cause of the warning light using the professional test equipment. We subscribe to professional auto repair information systems as well as to the most thorough database of proven experience-based repairs in the auto industry.

AS A BUSINESS WE ARE DRIVEN BY THE 3Cs: CONCERN, CAUSE & CORRECTION. We listen to your Concerns, to determine and tell you the Cause and find/make the right Correction


The Objectives, The Projects, The Team.


1) We are a One-Stop-Hub for auto diagnoses and resolution.
2) We are equipped with the latest professional diagnostics tools, real time access to industry standard database of OEM vehicle manufacturers’ diagnostic & repair information and procedure.
3) A Technology driven Business Model.
4) We are about: empowering customers with information, 100% customer satisfaction and the 3Cs.

How Autotek Pro Started.

A good business is one that offers a solution a problem and mostly likely stemed from a personal experience. The founder and operator, a computer specialist found himself in urgent need of an understanding of a sudden car engine fault and a resolution; and in the Lagos of today it turned out to be an upheaval task and stressful experience to say the least [Read about it here].
The personal experience led to the desire to start up an auto service center that offers better diagnostics information service and auto repair experience to car owners than what is currently in Lagos.

How & When We Launched

After much planning and research the time came finally come to bring the service to market, so in November of 2017, Autotek Pro had a soft launched and it quickly became apparent that such a service is much needed. The overwhelming enquiry and demand of our service proved that a proper auto diagnostics information, a knowledgeable service provider and a customer experience auto repair service is a service people need and well across the nation.

What is in the Pipeline
  • Appointment/Auto App: to book appointments and scheduling maintenance service, uber-ing auto mechanics/repairers in other cities outside Lagos and Remote Diagnostics.
  • Monthly Vehicle Maintenance service with a Cryptocurrency Loyalty Reward Platform.


The future, partnership, JV & Opportunities

Nigeria is in dire need of state of the art auto repair shops. It is our expressed purpose to build Autotek Pro in a national brand and the local leader in quality auto services for not only private car owners, but for commercial, government and corporations. A regional scope of operations that can be achieved through franchising, servicing other industries (such as the agriculture & insurance industries) and by leveraging our knowledge on technology & automobile to provider other extended & related services.
This is a sure and safe investment for anyone who wishes to own a business anywhere in Africa.

We are opened to and looking for local or international partnerships, investments, impact Investors or venture philanthropists to make this vision a reality. for more details please email your enquiries to autotekpro2+invest at Also see our current project here.

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